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Coincidence Tour



25.03.2017 Hamburg

Lehmitz Reeperbahn


19.08.2017 Jena

summer fair Jena-Optronik

(closed event)




Release Single

Cut Off From Your Smile


16.04.2016 Jena

Café Wagner

Release Party


30.04.2016 Quirla

Saalrock Quirla

(geschlossene Veranstaltung)


22.05.2016 Jena

IDAHOT* Festival Jena


21.06.2016 Erfurt

Fête de la Musique

Stage Fischmarkt

15:00 - 16:00


03.09.2016 Lauchhammer

Real Music Club


29.10.2016 Bamberg

Live Club

Letzte Konzerte

Make It Loud Tour



















Stereowaldbühne Bielefeld


Haus auf der Mauer Jena

Flower Power Jena

Rosenkeller Jena

Rockfurt Festival Erfurt

summer fair of Jena University

Geyserhaus Leipzig

Centrum-Club Erfurt

Cellu l'Art short film festival Jena

Phonton Open Air


Good Vibes Festival Pößneck

Ziegenberg Open Air

Theatercafé Jena

Thuringia Grammy Eisenberg

charity concert for

"Eltern krebskranker Kinder e.V."

UNI-K.U.M. Erfurt

Café Wagner Jena

Klanggerüst Erfurt 

Bandcontest "The last Band standing" 

students' club Schmiede

5th Club Jena

"One Night Stand" festival Jena

Polaris Jena


a little bit of unplugged

Haus auf der Mauer Jena

Atelier Cafe Erfurt

Unicato-Show Weimar

English Pub Stadtroda

youth center "Treffpunkt" Jena


Online Shop





Cut Off From Your Smile



'Make it loud' is the name of the latest CD by CUCUN - 'Make it loud' is what you instinctively think, when you hear the new songs of the German band: Handmade and pure Alternative Rock with expressive English lyrics. 'A rock sound full of energy, defined by catchy melodies, combined with rich grooves and spheric forceful guitar sounds.' describes Danny the singer their sound.


The greatest success since their founding in 2005 was winning the competition of 'MySpace featured Artist' and being promoted in a worldwide campaign afterwards. 'Among many fans, it was first and foremost a competent music editorial team and jury, who selected us for 'Myspace featured artist'. Many gigs in Central Germany followed', drummer Christian reports.


With their new record 'Make It Loud' CUCUN are touring again, willing to dive into different emotions with their audiences. First reactions of the fans on the new CD are already on Facebook. 'The new CUCUN is out and it's LOUD and good!!' a fan posted recently.


Just like the name CUCUN, which is derived from cocoon, reveals the steady development and metamorphose of the music, a promising future is to be expected. One thing is for certain: They are successful with what they do and they have fun doing it!


CUCUN are Danny Sänger (vocals, guitar, e-bow), Christian Enke (drums, vocals), Kay Schilling (guitar) und Karsten Klysch (bass guitar).




What a great year

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We thank our fans with the video below recorded at Real Music Club Lauchhammer.





EP Release Party - Cafe Wagner

The time has come! As the name of our tour lets assume, it is no "coincidence" that we are going to celebrate the release of our new EP 'Cut Off From Your Smile' with the begin of our tour in our home town Jena. The legendary Café Wagner in the city centre is ready!

Get close to the action on 16.04. from 8pm and hear the new songs live for the first time!


Attention - the first 25 guests awaits a welcome present. 


entrance fee: 5€ reduced / 6€



CUCUN Unplugged

We made use of the winter break and reworked some of our songs. Now they shine in a new splendor! Here is the song 'Set Me Free' of our EP 'Make It Loud' in a special acoustic version. All songs of our actual CD can be find here.



On the 11th of April we are going to appear on the radio at Absolut Radio from Regensburg starting 8pm. Be curious and turn on the radio!

CUCUN & Prima Donna (L.A, U.S.A.)

We are going to support the US american Band Prima Donna from Los Angeles. In 2009 they toured together with Green Day Europe and now they are back. See CUCUN and Prima Donna on 25.5. at the Real Club in Lauchhammer!


more Infos:


Thank you!

CUCUN CD Release Party Rosenkeller


We thank all our fans, that gave us their ears, eyes, hands, attention and vodka at our CD launch party. It was big fun for us to celebrate with you!

Thanks to the team of Rosenkeller and all hands that supported us!



new T-Shirts at Online Shop - pre-order now!

Our new Shirts are available at our Online Shop now! We have extended our assortment and now also offer Girly Shirts, Tank Tops and the T-Shirts in two colors. 






Cucun - Make it loud

After a great experience in the Cubeaudio studios with the producer Markus Gumball (Guano Apes, Tamoto), we are proud to present our new CD 'Make It Loud'. The record is now available at our online shop.

Also we are looking forward to playing for you at our CD release party in the legendary 'Rosenkeller' in Jena on November 17th. Mark this date in your calendars and make sure you are there.





Video about the CD production

In January 2012 we recorded our first EP in the recording studios of Cubeaudio. With the producer Markus Gumball (remixer and programmer of the Guano Apes and singer of the band Tamoto) we have revised some of our songs and re-recorded them. Here is a video with a few takes from the production:


Have fun!